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Human Resource Policy

Fair ground rules create the basis for strong relationships.
For the quality of work to be right, the ground rules, too, must be right - and you can rest assured that were doing our bit.
The ground rules for the way in which we deal with one another are clearly set out in our human resources policy. Our management principles are binding. And our stance on social issues is clear. If you take up a managerial position in our company, you will be required to honour these guiding principles. As a member of staff, you will know exactly what you can expect of us.

The benchmark for managers may be higher at Q.D. Company than elsewhere. Because for us management means assuming and passing on responsibility. Setting and achieving common goals. Promoting and fostering talent without favouritism. Putting equal opportunities into practice. This is a tall order. But it is also a source of great satisfaction when it results in a motivated workforce.

Fair pay
Fairness is our watchword. At Q.D. Company, we believe that you should be well paid as a matter of principle. Our pay structure takes into account the function, the market, and performance. As such, the "Total Compensation Initiative" ensures fair pay conditions which not only meet with internal approval but also compare favourably with other companies.

Mutual understanding between social partners is the prerequisite for successful co-operation at Q.D. Company. We believe in creating a climate of trust and achieving a win-win situation when it really counts.

Staff development
As a major Q.D employer, were naturally committed to developing up-and-coming talent. Apprenticeship training in a variety of careers is high on our agenda. We offer graduates various opportunities, tailored to their individual needs, to get a foot on the professional or managerial ladder.

Work structure
Work should be meaningfully integrated within the structure of your personal lifestyle. Were open to flexible work structures and we offer work patterns and models geared to your needs, including part-time positions and teleworking.

Information and communication
Information and communication boost motivation and engender transparency. At Q.D. Company, the principle of reciprocity applies to management and staff alike: taking the initiative in obtaining and passing on information is very much part of our corporate culture.


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